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X-Ray Vision for Your Support Team

X-Ray Vision for Your Support Team

Improve first-call resolution, average handle time, and customer satisfaction with OmniBrowse by SaleMove. Designed to seamlessly integrate directly within your existing Call Center or CRM solution, OmniBrowse brings instant live observation and full dual-cursor CoBrowsing capabilities to your online customer experience. With the click of a button or the input of a code, OmniBrowse allows you to transform any support call or chat into a fully immersive engagement, providing rich context for a faster and more intelligent conversation.

Finally, the Whole Picture

Reduce customer interaction time

Reduce customer interaction time by 25%

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by 15%

Increase first call resolution

Increase First Call Resolution by


Global Insurance

Discover how a global insurance provider leveraged OmniBrowse by SaleMove to improve their customer servicing in our latest Case Study.

OmniBrowse marries phone and browsing


The benefits of OmniBrowse help companies provide extra-relevant support leading to faster resolution and an overall better customer experience.

Stop Flying Blind

With +40% of phone calls originating from a company’s website, it’s more important than ever to understand your customer’s web journey. OmniBrowse marries phone and chat conversations to your website, allowing for real-time observation of a caller’s current web session. This allows your agents to instantly see exactly what’s happening on a customer’s computer as they’re assisting them via phone or chat with no code, download or plugin.

Show, Don’t Just Tell 

Sometimes simple instruction isn’t enough. Leverage OmniBrowse’s innovative CoBrowsing capabilities to take charge of a situation and guide customers to resolution online. OmniBrowse’s unique dual-cursor CoBrowsing takes online support to the next level. Instead of simply talking a customer through complex issues, participate in their web session and lead them to resolution or completion of complex tasks. 

Dual-cursor CoBrowsing

Plays Nice with Others

OmniBrowse was designed to integrate seamlessly with existing Customer Support and CRM solutions like Salesforce, Oracle, or your call center solution. Integration is simple and requires minimal effort. Once installed, the OmniBrowse experience exists natively within your existing solutions, ensuring that existing processes and workflow can continue without the need to learn new software.

OmniBrowse integrates seamlessly with 3rd-party CRM solutions

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